Quality, wooden furniture...built for you!


Champion Legacy Resources is a timber brokerage formed in 2007 by father and son, George and Hugh Champion. 

Champion Branch is an offshoot of Champion Legacy Resources and began in 2016.  Oftentimes, while harvesting tracts of timber, certain trees get left behind that are not merchantable.  Hating to waste such beautiful resources, Hugh began collecting these logs and developing his own production. What started out as mostly mantels has turned into many different types of furniture.  Each piece is completely unique and most of what we do is custom ordered. 

Our goal is to be good stewards of the materials that we collect and create just the right piece for our customers.  It is our love of the beauty of each slab of wood that keeps this work exciting. 

Champion Branch specializes in:

✔ Rustic Touches
✔ Slab Distribution
✔ Specialty Items